Formulation and Process Optimization

We specialize in the development, manufacture, and testing of liquids and semi-solid drugs including creams, lotions, ointments, and gels. Our Formulation and Process Optimization services prepare your product for every stage of its life cycle from early pilot studies to market-ready final launch.

Our Formulation and Process Optimization services include

  • Development batches (3Kg -100Kg)
  • Troubleshooting/optimization of development batches
  • Scale up of new and existing manufacturing processes from small trial 3kg to large scale 1500kg production batch sizes
  • Analytical R&D support
  • Impurity testing and tracking
  • Stability testing (full ICH stability conditions)
  • Improving and optimizing existing manufacturing processes
  • Transfer and implementation of customer manufacturing processes
  • Trouble shooting of development issues
  • Perform process validation