Ferndale Contract Manufacturing offers fully integrated manufacturing services, including Compounding and Packaging.

FCM has multiple tube fillers, liquid filling lines and cartoning equipment for the packaging of creams, ointments, gels, lotions and liquids. All equipment is validated and maintained per current drug and device Good Manufacturing Practices with batches packaged to applicable regulations.


Packaging Capabilities

  • Aluminum, plastic and laminate tube filling sizes ranging from 2g to 120g
  • Bottle filling sizes ranging from 2 ml to 500 ml
  • Single-use towelettes with 2g – 10g fill
  • Foil Pouch Packaging
  • Child-resistant packaging options
  • Wide range of secondary packaging options
  • Kit assembly
  • Serialize and aggregate your product: Serialized packaging with full child-to-parent aggregation is available for unit cartons, bundles, cases and pallets. FCM utilizes cameras and scanners to ensure that the correct coding, quantity, and placement of each packaging item is verified in order to confirm that the right packout is achieved every time while keeping the data integrity intact.
  • Unit Carton: A high-speed vision system inspects every coded carton and verifies that products’s 2D code, GTIN, serial number, expiry and lot number is correct and legible.
  • Bundle (inner pack): Serialized labels for aggregated bundles are automatically generated and applied only after the 2D codes on the collated cartons are inspected and the correct number of unit cartons are confirmed.
  • Case (shipper): Serialized labels for aggregated cases are automatically generated on after the 2D codes on the bundle labels have been scanned and the correct number of bundles have been packed. The serialized cases label must then pass a camera inspection, or be scanned (dependent upon your packaging requirements), before becoming available for placement onto the pallet.
  • Pallet: Serialized and aggregated pallet labels are generated only after the correct number of cases have been placed, and confirmed by a scanner, into the pallet. The operator must apply, scan, and confirm the pallet label prior to moving onto the next pallet.
  • Barcode Grading: Maintaining a high-quality barcode grade is vital for your product’s successful journey through the supply chain, so FCM has put verification processes in place to ensure that the coding integrity remains at, or above, industry standards.
  • EPCIS System Data Exchange: FCM has multiple, successfully validated connections already in place with clients of industry-leading EPCIS solution providers such as rfXcel, TraceLink, SAP, and Axway.

Environmental Monitoring