New Enflex F-11-T Pouch Filling Machine

Ferndale Contract Manufacturing has enhanced its offering to customers by recently commissioning an Enflex F-11-T pouch filling machine. The new equipment manufactured by ACMAVOLPAK, has been designed for the forming of thermo-sealable flexible material. The machine is equipped with an optional towelette folding and insertion station. When enabled, the folded towelette will be inserted within the formed pouch simultaneous with the dispensing of a liquid solution.

The filler is designed to fill from 2 to 8ml at a rate of 50–80 pouches per minute. Pouch dimensions can range 45x70mm to 110x130mm. The machine can handle multiple towelette materials ranging in size from 80x100mm to 240x300mm unfolded. Multiple folding options are available including a single fold, double fold or accordion fold. A tear notch can be added to provide easy tearing or opening for the end user. Optionally, the tear notch station can be adjusted to create a child-resistant tear notch within the upper seal area.

Mr. Christopher Stein, Chief Operating Officer of Ferndale Laboratories and Ferndale Contract Manufacturing, stated “We are very excited about adding this capability to our service offering. We see a tremendous market opportunity both at the OTC and Rx drug retail level for this type of container/closer system.”