Looking for a versatile packaging solution? Consider Foil Pouch Packaging.

Foil pouch packaging is an ideal method of packaging topically applied products such as creams, gels, and ointments. Even solution fills are a good fit, as a wipe can be inserted into the foil pouch packaging for application of the product. But versatility isn’t the only benefit.

Compared to other methods, foil pouch packaging has tremendous cost savings over using a tube or a bottle, and is used mainly for single unit doses of products or samples. The flexible laminate foil pouches are also ideal for products that may be light, oxygen or moisture sensitive because of their excellent barrier properties.

At Ferndale Contract Manufacturing, we utilize an Enflex F-11-T Fill, Form and Seal machine to provide our foil pouch packaging services. This state-of-the-art machine runs at high speeds and is adaptable to many different configurations. It is also capable of inserting a woven or non-woven wipe. We can also provide a child resistant closure complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for products requiring this type of closure.

Limiting foil pouch packaging defects is an important part of our operating procedure, and our knowledgeable staff has over a decade of experience in filling and sealing laminate structures. Furthermore, the machines we utilize have measures to: ensure accuracy of fill with nominal variation and no drift, even during multiple week runs; detect and auto reject dry or missing towelettes; and ensure accurate count of finished wipes through a counting and grouping conveyor.

Ferndale Contract Manufacturing is a cGMP compliant, FDA registered prescription drug manufacturer that can use this equipment to fill Rx (prescription), or OTC drugs or cosmetics. The equipment is brand new, and Ferndale currently has excess capacity and machine time available. Along with filling the products into foil pouch packaging, as a fully integrated company, we can also offer development, scale up, compounding, and full release testing for all products.

If you’re interested in learning more about our foil pouch packaging services or any other services we provide at Ferndale Contract Manufacturing, please call us Toll Free at (877) 548-0122.