Full Speed Ahead: High Speed Tube Fillers for Gels, Creams and Ointments

What to Look For in High Speed Tube Fillers

If you’ve decided that a tube is an ideal container in which to package your gel, cream or ointment, contemporary technology provides an ideal solution in the form of high speed tube fillers. Packaging product quickly so it can become part of the supply chain is critical in any product life cycle, and utilizing a high speed tube filler can only create an advantage in the marketplace.

There are three main questions to consider when deciding on a packaging partner to provide a high speed tube filler service:

  • How flexible is the equipment and can it quickly and efficiently be setup for a variety of sizes and fill volumes?
  • Have they demonstrated consistency with regard to fill volume and seal quality?
  • Is the staff experienced with an understanding of the nuances of heat sealing?
  • Do they have a good preventative maintenance program in place?

Ferndale Contract Manufacturing answers in the affirmative to all of the above questions. Furthermore, our deep understanding of the obstacles involved in this process and of the high speed tube filler equipment we employ to complete the job is unparalleled in the industry.

Does Speed Sacrifice Accuracy?

Absolutely not. Our high speed line is equipped with an in-line checkweigher that provides constant feedback to the filler so the correct net weight is always dispensed. The equipment has also been proven through validation to constantly provide high quality tube fold and tube seals and correct orientation. Because the line is fully integrated, there is nominal handing of the tubes yielding less denting or damage to the tubes.

Why Ferndale Contract Manufacturing is an Ideal Partner

Ferndale Contract Manufacturing is the best provider for high speed tube filling because we have an expertise and wide variety of capabilities as it pertains to a product’s tube material, diameter, viscosity and fill weight. Currently, our portfolio accommodates tubes as small as a 3g and as large as 130g – all at speeds of 100tpm or greater.

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